BRAND = VALUE x attention

Step 1

Is this for me?

What's the reason I should even care about you?  Do you improve my day to day? Do you connect me to something or someone? Do you give me the means to stand for something great in this world?  

CAUSECONNECTIONCONVENIENCEsupport peoplebuild something realprotect the worldconnect to a community,emotion or a specificinterestsave timemake moneycreate energyWhat’s the Value?
Step 2

hey, i'm bored.  

Now you might have the driving force. But if you don't have the balls to tell the world about it, you have nothing. Be bold. Get attention with your propositions. Let people taste what you do everywhere. Shout from the rooftops. Go. 

step 2 step 2




Intense discussion to break down everything you do. Delivery? One sentence that defines the value you create. Something that holds together your products, channels and campaigns. A real reason why your customers like you.


You have many words in your ppt like vision, mission, why/how/what but humans just don't get it. Your business has grown like crazy and you need to connect the dots. You just need a push. 

Start pushing



This is where we get dirty. A deep dive into critical areas of your venture. What products and services should you offer? How can people experience it? Will they understand it?  What do they see and hear?


Need to create marketing propositiont,  platforms and ideas to bring your strategy to life. 


An engaging group workshop format where every attendant tests the framework against their business reality.  As a group, we go one by one and challenge our brands, create and kill concrete ideas and strategies. 


Opening keynote called Brand minus bullshit 

Two practical exercises to test the value proposition in reality

Simple and practical strategy for each attendant to implement 

Hourly rates? Screw that.There is a flat fee. But it depends on who you are. For a greedy corporation, it might be f***ing expensive. For those who create loads of value for others, it could be free of charge.
You know, karma (•‿•)

One free session available each month


Do you create value for people? Get in touch! Each month one business will be awarded with a free Value Push. We will work together to significantly improve your brand and marketing activities. Because that's how it works, you create value - you get value.

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Milan Semelak

Milan Semelak

I provoke people to create value for people. Over the last decade, I’ve worked with more than two hundred businesses. Huge global corporations. Traditional family businesses. Ambitious start-ups, glorified tech companies and cold-hearted venture capitalists. Defining how they think, sell, market themselves, innovate products or build teams — defining how they create value. Working in between London and Prague, often causing headaches in Amsterdam, Singapore or California.

Pernod Ricard


To bring ideas to life I work with specialised companies that stand out in their fields and deliver quality based work.


The agency killer. Building in-house creative capabilities for clients such as Starbucks, Axa, Google, Barclays or Unilever. Managing around 100 in-house agencies across the world. Offices in London, New York, Singapore, Sao Paolo and many other places.

Specialised in:

custom-built and serviced creative teams to match any business ambitions

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Providing navigation to innovators in CEE region. Possibly the most progressive incubator around with offices in Prague and Silicon Valley. Building start-ups from scratch through its unique concept of co-piloting. Also UP21 is the organiser of the biggest start-up and innovation event in the region Start Up World Cup and Summit. I serve on the board of UP21 as a chief strategy officer. 

Specialised in:

venture capital, start-ups, innovation, seed investment, mentoring

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Unicorn Attacks

Partly a boutique consultancy. Party a very disturbing apparel brand. We believe that to truly move forward you must combine crazy and boring. Working for multinational corporations, local family companies and promising startups. Working only with those who can handle the truth. Unicorns are dying. Let's do something.

Specialised in:

brand value scenarios, unicorn attack simulations, shocking apparel

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