Create value framework


I have spent years trying to design the most primitive way to think about how organisations face their customers.

Based on my experience with more than 300 brands of all shapes and sizes I boiled it down to two super-easy-to-use triangle diagrams.

The only thing you need to be strategic and creative? Your courage.

Use it to answer these

  • How do I make sure my team understands me?
  • How should we talk about what we do so customers trust us?
  • How do I charm my board or investors?
  • How can I build a creative culture in my company?
  • How do I stop using buzzwords?


Step 1

Is this for me?

What's the reason I should even care about you? Do you improve my day to day? Do you connect me to something or someone? Do you give me the means to stand for something great in this world?

BIGGER THAN MEI CAN FEELI CAN USEWhat do youcreate for me?
Step 2

Hey, i'm bored.

Now you might have the driving force. But if you don't have the balls to tell the world about it, you have nothing. Be bold. Get attention with your propositions. Let people taste what you do everywhere. Shout from the rooftops. Go.




The main point of these sessions is to answer two critical questions.
How do you create value? How do you get attention?
Everything is designed from the perspective of a customer. 

Value PUSH

For an individual brand or team. Results in aup with a crisp strategic document afterward. Up to 5 people from your side.


For multiple teams that work together and present their value creation scenarios to everyone. Up to 10 teams, 3 people per team.


I speak about three key topics that I have specialised in over the last two decades. Brand building, Innovation and Creativity. These keynotes offer practical tips and don’t hold back from calling out any bubble and myth there is.

Brand minus bullshit

Brand minus bullshit is a punchy and entertaining 35-minute talk about brand building. We will talk about why we overcomplicate this so much and what is the most rewarding way to build a brand amid the performance versus purpose wars. Ideal for CEOs, CMOs, marketers, and founders.

How to kill a unicorn

How to kill a unicorn is designed to bring common sense to all innovators, venture capitalists and start-up wannabes. It’s a blueprint for thinking about what innovation really is, and shows what you shouldn’t do if you really want to build or profit from a unicorn.

Creativity is a useless word

Creativity is a useless word is a provocative talk about what creativity really is, why only few people really use it, why the “creative director” title is total nonsense, and what you should do if you want to become a creative leader. Ideal for anyone who uses the word creative to make their ego feel good.

About Milan Semelak

Milan Semelak

I provoke leaders to create value for people. Over the last decade I’ve worked with more than three hundred businesses. Huge global corporations. Traditional family businesses. Ambitious start-ups, glorified tech companies and cold-hearted venture capitalists. I establish bespoke ways for them to market themselves, sell and innovate products, or build teams — defining how they create value. Based between London and Prague, I am often causing headaches in Amsterdam, Singapore or California.

Some of the brands I've pushed to improve.

Allianz, Unilever, Axa Singapore, Barclay Card, O2, Virgin Mobile, Heineken, ABB, Innovatrics, Google, Daylong, MINI, Absolut, Starbucks, Pernod Ricard, Becherovka, Pilsner Urquell, Crystal Palace CPFC, Avast, Ceska Sporitelna, HC Sparta Praha, Volvo, Pietro Filipi, Eon, Achmea Group, Intepolis Netherlands, Kusmi Tea and many others